Digital Coast Media is a powerful influencer in the digital space working with a wide spectrum of industries. We are the first agency in South Mississippi to be Google Certified and offer dedicated Facebook account reps.





Digital Coast Media is here to make sure you are making the right kind of impact online. We’re your one-stop shop for the cutting-edge digital strategy that will win you the kind of customers that put a big smile on your face and fat check in your pocket.

  • Provides steady, on-hand talent to navigate your company’s best online interests.
  • Create meaningful connections with your customers through a carefully-crafted strategy
Digital Coast




You bring the products and services – we’ll bring the customers. We’re your bright, shining light in a vast and ever-changing online landscape. As the ways we communicate and connect online evolve faster than ever, you need a team of professionals to make sure you’re in it to win it with your online presence

Consulting & Strategy

Consulting & Strategy

Online digital marketing is a turbulent ocean; it’s deep and complex and requires vigilance to keep up the constant stream of new social networks and technology

Digital Marketing

Create meaningful connections with your customers through a carefully-crafted strategy that incorporates social media, Google analytics, content marketing…

Social Media Management

Social media is a force to be reckoned with. It can deliver unprecedented success or sink you in an instant. It’s a direct and effective way to create memorable experiences

Web Design & Development

Your online presence is the first impression you’ll make with your customers. We’ll make it count. Our creatives will bring your brand vision to life with stunning graphics,

B2B Customer Acquisition

Digital Coast Media builds effective ROI-based marketing campaigns that help B2B organizations achieve core business objectives.

Branding & Content

We are the elite digital and creative agency on the Gulf Coast. Our campaigns are built from the ground up, based on a powerful assessment of your company’s offerings.




Scott is a highly energetic and passionate person, but most importantly genuinely cares about people, one of the most important traits one can have in today’s world, there are just not enough people like Scott in the world today.

Frank ShenkoMSPT, CKTP

Digital Coast Media, goes beyond professional practices because they really care about their client’s opportunity to reach their customer. Yes they have talent, yes they are timely, but knowing the value they add to their client’s goal is the value added they bring.

Stephan ShultzeZaki Gordon Center

Jamey Foster of Digital Coast Media has been an invaluable part of our process in the areas of poster design, website design, and Social Media marketing. Jamey’s knowledge and experience in the faith space has helped us to maximize each dollar

Scotty CurleeZaki Gordon Center

AEF Media is one of the most professional and personable companies whom we have had the pleasure to work with. Their web design and social media campaign for our film company was of the highest caliber.

Durrell NelsonBeautiful Feet Productions