Mobile phoneIt was once predicted that the age of the mobile phones would be upon us. A time which people would be fully dependent on hand held devices. It is now literally possible to run a whole operation from a mobile phone. That day is here with more than three quarters of the world’s population depending on the device for messaging, trade, entertainment and connectivity. Marketing is now heavily dependent on the mobile platforms. Businesses that are not mobile phone friendly are struggling to compete having to depend on the few who still prefer waiting to sit in front of computers or physically walk into shops.

Websites and social media platforms have had to become more responsive in terms of layouts and presentation. Applications have become the way of life with life solutions at hand. The audience can read, consult as well as shop at the click of a screen without having to move from the office. External devices can be controlled as well as triggered through mobile devices remotely making the day to day running of activities more efficient. Businesses have to invest in applications that users can interact with and get the same service fast and reliably. The dawn of applications has seen processes shortened as well as automated.

Banks can transact through phones, deals sealed and signed through the same as well as shopping items picked at a glance. Mobile companies are on a race creating more user friendly devices able to handle and carry the amount of data needed by the users.

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