Digital Marketing Forecast for 2017

digital marketing forecast

Trends in digital marketing are emerging every year. You need to start thinking of how digital marketing will evolve in 2017 and plan ahead of time. If you don’t take advantage of the latest trends before your competition, you’ll soon find yourself in a mess. Below are some of the digital marketing trends we anticipate in 2017:

Live video streaming

More and more platforms and applications are giving users the opportunity to share in real-time events with the rest of world. Live streaming has been growing for the last few years and is expected to continue taking off this year. More brands and individuals will take advantage of live videos to promote themselves now more than ever.

Use of data visualization tools

Most brands rely on data to develop proper plans that help them achieve their goals. But human beings were never made to interpret vast amounts of raw data. This is where data visualization tools come in. They enable businesses to use technology to get important information such as who is buying what, when, why and what message would be effective when reaching out to them. Businesses that use data visualization tools will certainly grow by making decisions that are backed by data.

Brands will target a more specific niche

Today, so many businesses are offering online marketing services. This year, it is anticipated that brands will start offering a more niche kind of service. For instance, you will find brands offering social media marketing alone or SEO only. This allows them to target a specific kind of customer and perfect their presence in a specific topic. Companies will begin to create more targeted campaigns that offer very personalized content.

More focus on quality content

People’s attention spans have gone down and is expected to be even worse this year. Online AEF Media beyonceusers don’t have the time nor patience to go through boring pieces of content and read lengthy articles. We are at the point where people share articles after only reading the headline. Marketers will use this information to ensure they provide users with valuable content. Every line and every word counts. Information that is not interesting will not receive a good readership online. Marketers will begin to focus more on creating content that appeals to users.

The above trends are based on what has worked in previous years and the new technologies that are coming into the market. Digital marketing is a very broad field and there are trends in each aspect of online marketing that will certainly take center stage. Make sure you research carefully regarding each of the aspects mentioned above. Strategize on how you can include each of these aspects into your marketing campaigns to grow your brand.

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