The Evolution of Social Media

evolution of social media


It is now almost impossible for a business to run without social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat are just few of these platforms. Businesses are now being signed around social media with more platforms providing shops and payment options for the clients. Website owners have to link their web pages to social media platforms to breathe above the waters of marketing as well as stay relevant.

Check out the history of social media in 90 seconds: (CNBC)

The latest trends show that social medial platforms are moving from the social aspect to a more active role in marketing services and products. Clients can now purchase products from social media platforms as well as enjoy good company and conversation. Social media platforms have managed to roll up work and play into one beautiful product pulling down conventional marketing strategies.

The integration of live streaming on Facebook, Meerkat and Periscope has also redefined the game. Real time advertising and video streaming is causing businesses to rethink their game. Social media has all become part of SEO with the most optimized in terms of content appearing on search engines. The move has led to business creating entire pages optimized to provide information as much as the website while maintaining social interactions.

The latest trends are proving that businesses have to get more conversational to make cash. Social platforms have become ideal for feedback as well as communication. Users find it easier to interact and work with companies in these platforms. Companies are also finding it easier to work with their clients on social media platforms; social media campaigns are much easier to work with for the purpose of raising brand awareness. They are also much cheaper to run and gauge performance when it comes to marketing.

The feedback and interactions also provide measurable parameters on their products and services real time. Marketing trends prove that social media platforms are and have become more market oriented. This has also been seen in the addition of features aimed at business connectivity.

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