Google AdWords for Local Businesses

google ad words

When advertising with Google Adwords, it is very important to ensure you target the right buyers. The process of creating a campaign is simple. You just set a budget, add a few keywords and it’s done. Google will then present your ads to people and give you some clicks. But any savvy advertiser will make sure they make the most of their campaign by taking into account the different options and ways to spend their advertising budget. Below are a few suggestions to make Google Adwords work for your local business.

Focus on conversions on Google Adwords

Forget about the clicks you are getting per ad, the important thing you need to track is the conversions. Conversions can be the number of people who sign up on the website or buy a product. Aim at making sure this number increases. If a keyword is giving you a good number of conversions, focus more on it compared to the one that is giving you clicks.

Call tracking

Your local business may benefit more from a call than a contact form fill. Calls can be generated from one of your ads. You need to track how many calls you are getting from your online campaigns. You can track calls in Adwords using 3rd party tracking or the Adwords built-in call forwarding. A third party set up offers a much better form of tracking because you are able to get the full call conversion data as opposed to the built-in call tracking in Adwords. However, you can use the built-in feature in your call extensions.

Take advantage of Ad extensions

There are different Ad extensions that you can make use of. Call extensions, location extensions, review extensions and sitelink extensions are really important if you want to improve conversion rates. Use them to provide a more powerful ad that gets your product in front of searchers in a way they can quickly engage with. These extensions don’t cost anything extra but can add so much value to your Adwords campaign.

Start with Search Network Campaign Only

Display network is usually more useful for remarketing purposes. It’s best to start with the Search Network Campaign first. Search network ads usually offer local businesses better conversions than display network ads. If you are looking to get more business from your ads, focus on the people who are looking for your exact service. This is likely to be more effective than bombarding users with ads that show up on every website that is loosely related to your target market.

If you want to try out display ads, make sure you run the two campaigns separately. Creating distinct display and search campaigns will allow you to measure the results and individual performance.



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