Snapchat, Teens, & The Rapid Growth Niche of Major Brands


Snapchat is a fairly new player in the social media pages but it has already amassed 100 million active daily users. Snapchat has gained a high popularity among the teen/tween demographic with many of them sharing pictures and videos on social media. Many advertisers already identify the potential in image and video marketing in social media. However, video marketing can be quite challenging when Snapchat only keeps videos online for 24 hours.

Major brands have found various ways to take advantage of the disappearing nature of Snapchat content to run effective marketing campaigns among young people. Engaging internet users by encouraging them to join in the live snapping of events happening in real time is one of the most effective users of Snapchat. Advertisers use Snapchat to share images and videos for the latest events and newest products while using other social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter to remind users regularly about their

snapchat videoMajor brands also use Snapchat to share behind the scenes footage and exclusive videos that will get internet users exited and attentive. Since the content will disappear after 24 hours, advertisers give unique sneak preview that gets Snapchat users looking users forward to the release of new products and services.

Major brands also create weekly shows on Snapchat encouraging users to log in and stay tuned for a series of images and videos regarding special topics that are of interest to followers. Brands can create a series of Snapchat videos to answer a series of frequently asked questions from comments on the brand website or other social media pages.

Snapchat has just begun. In a very short time the company has already rolled out its new “Discover” feature and now custom filters and badges. The new technology social media companies are coming up with almost overnight can certainly make one think… what next? When the “newest thing” emerges, so will the marketing strategies. Not only are social media platforms continuing to evolve, major brand marketing strategy is constantly reinvented. Fun times for the marketing world, and certainly competitive!

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