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Smart Strategies to Use Facebook in Reaching the Right Audience

Reaching the right audience using Facebook’s target features has become easier and more effective. The new and improved core audiences targeting options come with all the targeting features incorporate into all Facebook’s ad-buying interfaces, making it easier for advertisers to reach the ideal audiences based on four main targeting types: Interests, behavior, location, and demographic. Facebook has even made it easier for marketers in the US, from brands to local businesses, to reach their target audiences using partner categories-a targeting option added to Ads Create Tool.


People have different interests and marketers are very keen on reaching out to the right audiences using their interests. Facebook has reformulated its interest-based targeting segments and its now easier to reach the right people on Facebook. Using interest-based targeting allows the advertisers to choose only one segment as compared to using different targeting options like keywords and broad categories. For example, if you want to reach football fans, all you have to do is choose “football” in your target segment and all results for people who have liked or have expressed interest in topics relating to football on Facebook will pull in.


It is another targeting option that has been included in Core Audiences. Behavior, which also includes Partner Categories, gives marketers the power to reach target audiences based on what people purchase and the devices they use. For example, if you want to target your marketing campaign to people who are interested in music that uses Samsung, use behaviors as your marketing strategy.


With Facebook’s location targeting, you can build your marketing campaigns around specific geographic areas like country and city (Germany and Brasilia), country and state (Ireland and Alabama), state and city (Colorado and Denver), etc. You can also filter areas that you do not want to focus your marketing campaign on. For example, you can build a marketing campaign around the state of Hawaii and exclude Honolulu.


Are you trying to boost sales at your new wedding gowns shop? Well, Facebook has now made it easier for you to reach out to people who have just updated their relationship status. With the new Core Audience feature, which places more value on relationship status, and timely changes in the life events of people, it is now easier to reach your target audience using demographics. Facebook has made this marketing option more flexible by adding a new feature that allows marketers to target people who have married or gotten engaged in the past one year, or the last 2 months or last 5 months.

If you are recruiting bankers and you want to advertise the jobs to associate bankers in California, Facebook has now made it easier for you. Core Audiences helps you to strategize your marketing campaign based on job title, workplace, and educational background.

Partner Categories Expanded to Ads Create Tool

Partner Categories was only available in Power Editor, but Facebook has now made it available to Ads Create Tool. Marketers can now target their audiences around offline actions.

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