Facebook Marketing for Beginners, don’t do it! Hire a Professional!

It’s a common misconception that no one clicks on Facebook ads. If that was the case, Facebook wouldn’t have made more than 4 billion dollars in revenue this past year. When you want to promote your business on Facebook, first, look for someone qualified and experienced to run your ads. Don’t be tempted to do it yourself.

Understand how Facebook advertising works

Facebook allows you to promote your page, videos, images, and basically any kind of content that you share on your page. You can still send users to your website and increase traffic with Facebook ads. Each ad is set to target a specific kind of audience. You can choose an audience based on their location, demographic, interests, and pages they’ve liked before. These options are what make Facebook advertising worthwhile. You can set a budget and bid for engagement or to get impressions on the ad.

Should your business advertise on Facebook

Sometimes your business is just not a good fit for Facebook advertising. In fact, many businesses fail to meet their goals because they are trying to reach an audience using the wrong platform. Facebook ads should be used to generate demand rather than just selling products. Facebook is a social platform where people connect with their friends and family. If your business is busy upselling to its target audience, you may fail at reaching high conversion rates.

Aim to upsell later

To ensure Facebook ads work for you, connect with users by offering them some useful information. You can use Facebook to get people to sign up for your newsletter and then use the email list for email marketing. In fact, conversion rates on Facebook are much higher for those people looking for new sign-ups as opposed to customers to buy a product. Aim to generate revenue from Facebook within a longer period, say 6 months as opposed to in just one day.

Target Facebook ads correctly

Proper targeting is key if you want your ads to perform correctly and reach the highest number of potential clients. You can select the location, gender, interests, connections, languages, education, and workplaces of the people you want your ads to reach. However, focus on the main ones which are age, gender, location, and interests.

Opt for Precise Interest targeting

The best form of targeting is where you target users based on what information they have on their Facebook profiles. This is what is known as Precise Interest targeting. For instance, you can target users based on the pages they like, the apps they use and other content they have provided on their timeline. When you target large groups, expect to end up spending more and getting less engagement.

Use the right images

Images are critical when it comes to Facebook Ads. Images of people perform best on Facebook. Make sure you use high-quality images that don’t look blurry or dark. Write a copy that is interesting, desirable, and ends with a call to action.


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