7 Simple Steps to Create a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

Social media tools like LinkedIn have changed how recruiters narrow down their choice of candidates. Recruiters continue to use social media platforms to screen candidates and find professionals in different fields from accountants to artists. LinkedIn provides professionals a good space to hang out. Employers and recruiters can find professionals with talents and skills on LinkedIn. When you have a LinkedIn profile, everyone can see what you have to offer in terms of your talent and skills.

We’ll show you below how to create a powerful LinkedIn profile in 7 simple steps:

  1. Upload a good picture

There are important guidelines to follow when uploading a picture on LinkedIn. First, make sure it’s a picture of your face. Upload a photo that looks professional, pleasant and respectable. Bear in mind that people are more likely to remember your face than your name. You don’t have to upload a picture of you that showcases your skill on the profile. A good headshot photo will do just fine.

  1. Choose a strong headline

You have 120 characters to introduce yourself to the world. Make sure you do a good job by adding compelling keywords that make you the best in your field. You can also add your official job title especially if you are currently looking for a job.

  1. Write a good summary

A summary is more like your bio. It takes into account your core competencies, skills and accomplishments in the past few years. You can also be creative and include an interesting story in your field. Just make sure that the reader has a good idea of who you are as a professional after reading the summary.

  1. Fill out the experience section

You can quickly fill out this area by copy pasting whatever you have in your resume. If you feel like it’s going to be too much information, simply add the name of the employer, the job title/position, dates and leave out the job description. You can include this in the summary as part of your experience.

  1. Include keywords for SEO

To ensure your profile appears on popular searches on LinkedIn that relate to your field, make sure you include some keywords that are industry-specific.

  1. Add recommendations

You have to be really careful about the recommendations you include on your LinkedIn profile. Get a good recommendation from someone that highlights your special skills and experiences in as much detail as possible.

  1. Join groups and associations

Join relevant groups on LinkedIn because it is an opportunity to engage with people who have similar interests and take part in their conversations. You can start by joining the alumni group of where you went to school or an association that is in line with your work.


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