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Digital Marketing Trends for Healthcare Providers

The nation’s healthcare delivery system is evolving continually. As these changes take place, you as a marketer must move with the times. This is one of the reasons why you have to keep up with the digital marketing trends for the healthcare industry. A curious thing about trend-watching is that the trends do not just appear suddenly. Although this happens at times, it is not always the case. A trend has to be evaluated keenly before it is implemented. This article will focus on the key trends you should expect to see throughout 2017 in the healthcare industry.


Mobile optimized websites lead to better outcomes

Having a mobile-friendly website today is no longer a trend but a necessity. With more and more people using mobile devices to access the Internet, failing to accommodate mobile users will only cause you to lag behind. According to, the surefire way of luring new customers is to optimize your website for mobile viewing.

Although most healthcare brands and providers have embarked on the development of mobile-friendly websites, simply having a mobile-optimized website will not be enough for the patients in 2017. The content on the mobile site has to be written and designed specifically for mobile. It has to be accessible to patients on the go. You have to take a look at recent analytics of your web pages in order to know which content you need to optimize first.


High-quality content will be more critical

Internet users have more options today. If your content does not provide the information they need, they will click away to a different website. This is what makes creating high-quality content urgent in 2017. High-quality content will help capture the attention of your audience and conform to the strict guidelines of online search. Google and social media networks keep updating their search algorithms so as to ensure that the low-quality content ranks poorly in search. High-quality content is rewarded with high search rankings.

Creating high-quality content is one of the key digital marketing trends for healthcare providers in 2017. The content should include sharing relevant information on pertinent patient stories. The content provided has to give patients real value and should satisfy their needs for compelling, accurate, and relevant information.


Social messaging apps will develop into lead marketing platforms

The use of social messaging apps is gaining more popularity. The main apps include WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Messenger. These apps are evolving rapidly into multi-purpose platforms. Healthcare marketers will have to leverage on the power of the fast-growing social messaging apps in their plans. This will help open a door to unlimited engagement and marketing opportunities.


Live video speaks louder

The Internet now supports more video options than just YouTube. With video having a stronger audience appeal, it is the new trend in healthcare marketing. Modern healthcare marketers can share stories by way of video content as well as live streaming on their blogs, websites, or social media platforms. The benefits of the live video include immediacy, timeliness, and great educational impact.


Keeping up with the trends is the key to staying ahead of the herd in online marketing. Don’t be left behind. Know what other marketers are doing and keep up.

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