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Digital Design Technology Today

In the creative field, trends emerge every day as a result of experimentation and innovation. They are the driving factors that push the industry forward for the better resulting in set processes that become standard processes. Some of the digital design technology trends today include:

Mobile-first designs

Almost everyone today has access to some kind of mobile device that can access the web including tablets, laptops and smartphones. More people are expected to access the internet via mobile phones on a daily basis compared to desktop internet access in the coming years. Internet users prefer mobile due to the sheer convenience inaccessibility. Mobile-first designs are the process of creating for mobile devices before thinking of bigger screens. Mobile devices have been named the primary devices for accessing the web and mobile-first design is no longer an option.

Responsive design is a must

Responsive website design is the process of creating websites that offer the same level of usability regardless of the devices in which they are accessed. Responsive design has been around for a couple of years but never more crucial than now in website design and development since there is a bigger uptake of consumers through mobile channels. The bonus of responsive design is that it cuts costs since business owners only have to pay for one website development instead of two.

Rapid Prototyping tools

Writing code for website design and development takes a lot of work. In the diverse website design industry where prediction is no longer a reliable factor, rapid building of prototypes is necessary to gauge site usability and aesthetics. Rapid prototyping tools have ease of use and functionality for creating websites today: a must-have tool for any website designer.

UI and UX framework

There is a lot of competition online today with millions of websites coming up every day. Existing UI-patterns used to create websites reduce the risks in the user journey as they are tried and tested patterns with principles that work. It only makes sense to use these in enhancing the sites. UI kits that adopt best practices are widely available today. They can be styled and manipulated to suit your website while based on tried and tested design functionality.

Greater focus on original images

Stock imagery should no longer feature on your website this year and moving forward. Brands need to be completely bespoke if they expect to stand out from the crowd. Customers expect to see more authenticity from brands and using stock images will not cut it. Original images are the ideal way to strike a connection with the audience and truly communicate the values and image of who they really are. Besides using stock images, static images are also being run down. Animations have advanced in creating a storyline and establishing the personality of the brand to capture audience attention.

There are plenty of other digital design technologies and trends that have changed the digital design approach this year. It is crucial to stay up to date on these trends that are swiftly becoming the norm and what customers expect from your business communication.

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