Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Marketing trends are getting all the more interesting as time goes by. One of the most sought after marketing trends is the use of A.I. It is no longer the stuff of fictional movies as machinery is joining hands with social media, software, and web content to provide a friendlier marketing platform. A.I is all about increasing the interaction levels of machinery and operating platforms through digital mapping. The ability of a machine or software to predict what a user wants to do as well as respond to commands while offering suggestions is being sought in most devices today.

Predictive marketing allows users to enjoy a full marketing experience while connected to a number of platforms. The use of this technology will see the rise in product movement both for the marketer and the buyer. The provision of retail outlet touch screen devices that help with shopping are already in place. You can now buy items and get suggestions for alternative products as well as have automated delivery systems at the point of order.

We are likely to see the advancement of this new marketing trend in all areas of marketing including our very own mobile phones. A.I can be easily integrated in software and used at any level. Mobile phones have become more intuitive with voice recognition, speech recognition and commands response applications which are already in use. Bridging the gap between man and machine is not to be feared but embraced with more people opening up their minds to more predictive marketing methods.

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