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Digital Marketing Automation: What is it?

The relationship that exists between a brand and its consumers is dependent on a form of marketing that was used to lure in the consumer. Every brand has a builder and a seller. The seller is the one who develops the product whereas the seller introduces it to the consumers. The process of selling is marketing in its broadest form.

Why automation?

When a brand is launched, at the initial stages the marketing program can be handled well manually. The customer numbers are still low so you can reach out to them by email or on one call. But as the business grows and continues to attract more customers, you need to consider automation to deal with redundant activities like setting up social media programs, sending new customers emails, and weekly newsletters.

Therefore, marketing automation is a software that enables users to automate marketing processes such as managing campaigns, segmenting customers, and much more. Automation allows marketers to save time, make processes more efficient and practical.

Simplifies multi-channel marketing

Marketing automation can simplify multi-channel marketing by connecting different platforms including social media, email marketing, and content marketing. It enables marketers to manage all platforms using automated apps and programs that simplify the workload. With proper automation tools, brands can nurture their customers and prospects. In fact, automation can help achieve more goals beyond direct sales.

Send personalized messages

With marketing automation, it is easier to attract customers by communicating a personalized and strong message. Gone are the days when automation was perceived as being cold and inhuman. Today, you are able to focus more on sending out quality campaigns and messages. Automation allows the team to add a more personal touch in every campaign. All you’ll have to do is to have adequate data about the prospect such as their interests and goals. With this information, you can tailor the message in such a way that they can relate.

Test different variables

With marketing automation, it is easy to test different variables such as the subject heading that gets more opens or best email send times. You can also test out different ideas and see what works best for your target audience. Marketing automation is what allows you to divide different user segments and develop optimal marketing strategies for your prospects.

Automation doesn’t have to be spam

One common misconception is that marketing automation is spam. This never has to be the case. Automation can be used to reach out to customers in a more user-friendly way. This is because every message can be tailored to suit the users’ personal experiences. Rather than bombarding your audience with a sales pitch and adverts, you can nurture leads and prospects by providing useful information and slowly moving them ahead in the sales conversion funnel.


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