Content Marketing Innovations You Need in Your Business

When it comes to SEO and digital advertising, it cannot be said enough that content is King! However, the kind of content marketing strategy you employ for your campaigns is what validates this statement. When it comes to content marketing, constant exploration, and experimenting is necessary if you want your business to stay on the cutting edge. The content is the voice and image of your brand, making it absolutely crucial to churn out great quality content that is positioned correctly.  There are some new content marketing innovations that have proven to be quite effective in digital marketing campaigns.


This type of content is hugely dependent on the kind of business that you operate. Use humor when your business allows for it. In the era of witty jokes, classic comebacks and clap backs, memes and so much more, not having a sense of humor within your content can be a little costly. Social media is often the ideal place to release jokes, funny information snippets, bizarre tips and memes among others. if your content is funny and fits within the platforms that it is shared, your audiences will have no problem sharing it with their friends, which gives you greater audiences.

Great quality content for old brands

The internet has a ruthless reputation for making things outdated pretty fast. So how do you find fresh and innovative content marketing for old fashioned brands? The secret is in the details. You need to build a reliable and timeless image that appeals to the consumer even with all the dynamics within your industry. Great quality product images for social media is one way to pass on your message with clarity. Photography and videos by professionals create that sleek and minimalist feel that focuses the client on the product and reduces the noise from the sideshows.

Bringing customer service to social media

Great quality content varies in nature. It can be anything from an informative blog post to a Facebook update or tweet. Bringing your customer service to social media also doubles up on your social media presence through positive customer interactions. Encourage your consumers to bring their queries through social media pages like twitter or Facebook for instant replies. Responding fast and politely builds a credible image for your business and increases your visibility online.

Educate your customers

Customers want to know that it’s about more than just the sale; that you actually care about them. Educational content also gets a lot of shares across the web resulting in more hits for your website. You can share recipe tips for your cooking website, explain product usage in detail and various scenarios of use among other educational content that you can share online. Inclusive content such as this attracts new customers while creating lasting connections with the audiences you have already.

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