The New Normal of Digital Marketing. (Marketing in the Middle of a Pandemic)

The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to new consumer needs and priorities that digital marketers cannot afford to ignore. As restrictions are lifted and businesses that were temporarily closed are slowly opening up, marketers are discovering new ways to engage with consumers and deliver messages that resonate with their audience. We’ll go over a number of best practices for online marketing during and after Covid-19.


Do not rely on assumptions

The data you’ve gathered before the pandemic is probably out of date. This is not the season to rely on assumptions. You must be proactive in identifying changes in consumer behaviors as well as purchasing needs as the crisis unfolds. Research has shown that consumers are picking new habits and testing new products. Begin structuring your campaigns with this new information in mind and continue monitoring changes in buyer behavior that impact on your business.


Show more empathy

It’s refreshing to see a business show its customers genuine empathy, especially amid this crisis. Show customers that you understand the realities of this pandemic and use storytelling to connect with customers during this season. Many brands are now producing compelling campaigns that address the new realities of this period. Some campaigns may not increase sales immediately but they help in driving long-term loyalty for your business.


Improve your customer experience

As competition online is high, consumers are exposing businesses that offer substandard customer service. Consider the use of chatbot messaging to provide a better customer experience without having to scale the team. This would especially work with a distributed team.


Consider COVID-19 related content on your site

As the pandemic unfolds in most parts of the world, search behavior has drastically changed as more people are looking for keywords related to the pandemic. You may want to include these search terms in some of your content. Consider covering topics such as social distancing and isolation helping your consumers with tips on how to cope. This may catch the emotions of your audience and often leads to purchases.


Talk about the safety measures you’re taking

If the business has made changes to promote the health and safety of its workers and customers, talk about this in your marketing content. Not only will this show your consumers that you care about their safety but also gives people an idea of what they should expect if they want to partner with your business in the future.


Use additional channels

Consider taking advantage of more advertising channels. Internet usage has evolved the past few months and as most people stay inside, they continue to explore platforms that they hadn’t tried before. Use all the different social media platforms but optimize your messages so that they suit the specific audience you’re communicating to. Consider options like web push notifications, SMS, chatbot, and video marketing. A lot more people have more time now that they are working at home. Capitalize on this extra screen time to engage with your audience more across different platforms.


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